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The New Rhino Master Fit Technology allows you to safely fit the box quicker and easier than ever before by utilising a very unique clamping system

This new 440L luggage box offers something for everyone from the outdoor enthusiast, carrying camping gear, to the big family, looking to take everything away on holidays including the kitchen sink. The Master Fit Box is sure to impress.

Fitting directly to the Rhino Aero crossbar, the insert and twist mechanism is quick and easy. Aerodynamically designed and built from tough durable materials, the Jet Black 440L Luggage Box will save you space and allow you to safely and securely transport that extra gear you thought you couldn't fit in. If you're after a luggage box that is a solid performer and offers greater flexibility for your load carrying needs, then this 440L Master Fit Luggage Box is for you.

Box Specifications

External Length: 1920mm
External Width: 820mm
External Height: 420mm
Internal Length: 1870mm
Internal Width: 770mm
Box Capacity: 440L
Box Weight: 17.5kg
Max Capacity: 75kg
Fixation Master Fit
Material ABS/ASA**
Opening Dual Side
Locking Points 3
Load Securing Straps Included 2
Warranty: 5 years

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