Shevron Window Sox – WS4430 (Suits Nissan X-Trail SUV T30-T31 9/2001-2/2014)


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  • Custom fit for rear passenger window
  • UV protection
  • Provides insect protection
  • Suits Nissan X-Trail SUV T30-T31 9/2001-2/2014

Windscreen Shades – Keep your car cool and protected in the summer months

On those hot sunny days, there’s nothing worse than getting into a stinking hot car, burning your hands on the steering wheel and then having touch the blisteringly hot gear shifter to add insult to injury. For those with leather seats, high in-car temperatures can create a whole other level of burning hot inconvenience on top of the obvious steering wheel and gear shifter issues. With a quality sun shade mounted in your car when parked in the sun, you can prevent things from getting heated inside so that a trip to supermarket won’t require a pit stop via the chemist for a tube of burn cream. Whilst it’s a great idea for comfort and usability to control the temperatures in your car with a window shade, these handy accessories can also prevent damage from harsh UV rays and excessive heat which over time has been shown to crack and dry out leather seats, fade and tarnish steering wheels and even crack or melt dash boards (GU Patrol owners, we’re looking at you here).

Each windscreen shade is a universal fit and will simply sit on your dash board retained by the car’s factory sun visors to protect the business end of your interior from harsh UV rays and excessive heat. At Repco, we offer sun shades in a whole variety of styles, colours and patterns to best suit your personal taste, interests or vehicle aesthetic.


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