Ironman4x4 9,500LB 12V Electric Monster Winch – Synthetic Rope


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The Ironman 4×4 MONSTER WINCH IS BACK, with a tough new look and a tonne of new features! Designed and developed right here at Ironman 4×4 Australia, our latest Monster Winch range are a must have accessory for your four wheel drive!

12v winches are some of the most effective tools you can have fitted to your 4×4. Perfect for pulling your 4×4 out of a bog, up a hill or through a section that isn’t save to drive. Winches are also useful tools used for removing fallen trees of other obstacles blocking your path.

Over the years Ironman 4×4 has spent significant time developing and improving it’s range of winches. With the only winches in the market to come from the factory with a breather on the motor as well as many other class leading features.

Never leave home again without the security and peace of mind offered by an Ironman 4×4 winch.

The Ironman 4×4 Monster Winch has evolved! Totally redesigned and upgraded, Ironman Monster winches include stronger motors, heavy duty casings, synthetic ropes, competition style solenoid and are the only winch on the market with a motor breather.

Designed and developed right here at Ironman 4×4 Australia, our latest Monster Winch range are a must have accessory for your four wheel drive!


  • Heavy duty design – Steel / Alloy construction, durable black powdercoated finish.
  • Dual remote controlled – Wireless & plug-in remote controlled functionality.
  • Remote motor breather – Greater motor protection against moisture
  • State-of-the-art solenoid design – Ultra reliable, sealed single solenoid.


  • Motor : 5.5HP / 4.1KW
  • Power : 12VDC
  • Weight : 28kg
  • Wireless Remote Range : 30.5m
  • Remote Lead Length : 3.6m
  • Gear Train : 3 Stage Planetary
  • Gear Reduction Ratio : 265:1
  • Brake : Automatic Camp Lock (In Drum)
  • Steel Cable Dimensions : 28m x 8mm
  • Overall Dimensions : 540mm (L) x 165mm (H) x 150mm (W)
  • Mounting Bolt Pattern : 254mm x 114.3mm
  • Notes : Minimum Battery for winching – 650CCA



Additional information

Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 65 × 33 × 33 cm




Ironman 4x4 proudly sold by Fastfit Automotive Specialist. Here at Fastfit we offer a wide range of Ironman products at competitive pricing and customer service that is second to none. Bull bars are one of the first accessories to be added to any 4×4, improving your approach angle and significantly improving your frontal protection. Ironman 4×4 bull bars help protect your vehicle from animal strikes when driving on remote roads, and provide convenient locations to mount other 4×4 accessories such as winches, lights and aerials. Designed, engineered and tested in Australia. Protecting your vehicle can sometimes be a low priority, when in fact it can be the most expensive repair on the car! Iron man bullbars and 4x4 steel powder coated side steps and rails not only give your vehicle protection but also aid you to get in and out of your vehicle. The vehicles body panel protection is an added bonus. Whether in the outback rubbing along dirt walls, or the big smoke where shopping trollies bounce off your paint work, Ironman 4x4 side steps and rails are a smart investment! Input your vehicle details below to see the range to suit your 4WD. Whether you are looking for Ford Ranger side steps or want to find the best suspension kit, you can’t go wrong with Iron man bull bars.