ARK 7/16 Wheel StudS & Nuts – ST716B


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The ARK 7/16 Wheel Stud – ST716B is a specialised component designed for trailer wheel assemblies. This wheel stud is 7/16-inch UNF (Unified National Fine) in size and 41mm in length, with a zinc-plated finish, offering durability and corrosion resistance.

Key Features:

  • 7/16-Inch Size: The ST716B wheel stud has a 7/16-inch diameter, making it a suitable size for many trailer wheels and hubs.
  • Unified National Fine (UNF) Thread: The UNF thread design ensures a secure fit and reliable connection between the wheel stud and the hub or drum.
  • 41mm Length: With a length of 41mm, this wheel stud is designed to securely attach the wheel to the hub, providing a safe and reliable connection.
  • Zinc-Plated Finish: The zinc-plated finish adds a layer of corrosion resistance, helping protect the wheel stud from rust and wear caused by exposure to the elements.


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