Ironman Bullbars


Bullbars are essential accessories in any 4 x 4 vehicles. It helps in general enhancement of the approach angle to improve frontal protection.

Ironman bullbars aid in protecting vehicles from animal attacks, especially when driving remotely. It also gives ideal locations for mounting 4 x 4 accessories like aerials, lights, and winches, since these are designed, manufactured, and tested in different locations in Australia.

Why do you need an Ironman bullbar?

Ironman bullbars are airbag-, winch-, and ADR-compatible as it guarantees that your family and your own safety is not taken for granted. There are two reasons why you should consider owning an Ironman bulbar, namely, convenience and protection.

A quality Ironman bullbar needs to be placed on the front part of your vehicle for protection against wayward drivers and animal attacks. When installed properly, it provides reliable protection in dense forests when you are off the road or you are searching for a campsite out of the way.

A high-quality Ironman Bullbar has the capacity to absorb most of the impact and secure the essential parts of the car such as the cooling system and radiator. In addition, these dependable Bullbars serve as a great base in case you want to attach necessary off-road kits like antennas, LEDs, light bars, and winches.

Our range of Ironman Bullbars

  • Aluminum Bullbars - Aluminum Ironman bullbars give better protection and strength compared to steel bars.
  • Commercial Bullbars - Commercial Ironman bullbars are intricately designed and engineered from high-quality components and materials in order to deliver the most extensive styling and frontal protection available.
  • Commercial Deluxe Bullbars - These bullbars incorporate the practicality and strength of the Ironman Commercial bullbar, which features the driving light package used in the Ironman Protector bullbar.
  • Protector Bullbars - These solid bullbars are explicitly made for the vehicle of a tradesman or for recreational four-wheel-drive vehicles.
  • Premium Deluxe Bullbars - This type of bullbar is created exclusively to focus on passenger and vehicle protection. These bullbars are rigid and robust, and can withstand extreme impact efficiently.
  • Proguard Bullbars - This type of bullbar blends with vehicle contour lines, and it also gives stylish frontal protection, as well as improvement in the approach angles of a vehicle. It can be customised according to your preference and is made with mounting points for driving lights installation and winch compatibility.

To know more about our range of Ironman Bull Bars, you may visit or call our nearest Sydney store, or simply take your pick from our extensive collection below.

Ironman Bullbars

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